Mission Statement

Nanaimo Citizen Advocacy Association is a volunteer-based non-profit society, committed to supporting people in the community in overcoming barriers to independence by:
   - advocating and promoting the development of programs and services for citizens who need our assistance
   - giving a voice for those who can not speak for themselves
   - deliver educational support

Guiding Principles

1.  Individuals have the right to be treated with respect and dignity
2.  Individuals are entitled to confidentiality
3.  Individuals should be assisted in developing a personal suport network
4.  Individuals have rights that deserve to be protected and advanced
5. NCAA is a volunteer-driven organization
6.  NCAA is committed to:
      a) providing a safe environment of courtesy and respect
      b) developing a high and reputable profile for organization, knowlege and community support
      c) ensuring that staff are knowledgeable and experienced; and conduct themselves in a professional manner
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